Business to Business leads  is  an outbound call center lead generation process. Business to Business  leads are generated by outbound calls which are made on the behalf of the client business to various businesses.  In this process call center agents contact business owners or decision makers to introduce services and products. The leads depends upon the nature of the business for example services or product. Sometimes rough calling data (dialing list) is provided by the client and customer sales agents dial the list and set appointments with the business owners.

Business to Business leads (B2b Leads) are widely used by different businesses in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Business-to-Business leads are widely used to maximize the sales revenue and to reduce cost. These Business to Business leads are sold on the basis of conversion also referred to as paid on performance.

Leads Archive provides various Business to Business Leads generation services. Our effective and experienced agents can maximize your business and will reduce the cost per sale. It should be noted that our prices are very economic but on the other hand the quality of our lead generation is very high.

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