Energy Survey Campaign

Companies looking to conduct energy survey campaign for Business to Consumer and Business to Business for energy switching. Leads Archive experienced call centers are available for both inbound and outbound campaign for US Energy. All generated leads will be transferred same day either by hot keys transfer or warm keys (by email).

Our agents will be calling in all states across USA during business hours, and talk to the owner, decision maker of the household or businesses for Gas and Electricity. All leads generated by our energy survey campaign will be transferred either as hot key transfer or warm leads.



  • Which Gas and Electric Company they are with.
  • Average bill they are paying for gas and electricity.
  • Are they in a contract with their current supplier.
  • If no contract, will they be willing to switch to a new supplier if they are offered savings on their gas and electric utilities.
  • If yes, the agent will schedule a time for a senior consultant to make a follow up call same day or next day.



Companies interested in outsourcing their call center campaigns  contact us for further  information and details related to our offshore call centers.