Lead Generation is important for business to enhance their sales volumes. There are considerable number of mistakes which business might make in Lead Generation. It is important to understand and know the common mistakes in Lead Generation.

The first common mistake in lead generation is lack of knowledge about the Call Centres. It is highly recommended to have the insight knowledge of the call center you are dealing business with and the project which you are outsourcing.

Most of the businesses are unable to differentiate between hot key transfers leads and warms key transfer leads. In most cases the warm key transfer of the leads are not successfully converted into qualified sales. The problem lead generation does not arise from the front end of the operation that is the call center but it is always from the back end which is the business for whom the call center is generating leads.

Lets take an example, A customer care agents dials a whole day and successfully completes ten warm key leads with call back times for the next day. These warm keys needs to be treated on the basis of priority and the appoints that are fixed needs to be called on the set callback times.

If these warm key leads are not treated as hot keys these leads will be very difficult to convert and may expire within in 24 hours. In simple words the agent effort should be appreciated and scheduled appointments should not be missed. In case a client is unreachable due to some reason the agent or the offshore call centre should be notified effectively and immediately.

The other common mistake which businesses might make in lead generation business is providing little or no feedbacks. One principle should always be followed to provide the feedbacks of the leads on time in Leads Generation. If the businesses who have outsourced their lead generation to offshore call centers delays the feedback the quality of the warm leads will be unable to improve. Quality is the totality of features and this includes the regular feedbacks.

As in all the offshore call centers before the start of the shift program coordinator always brief the call centers agents with what needs to be done to improve the quality of the leads. If the program coordinator is not aware of the problems you are facing in converting those warm leads or scheduled appoints into qualified sales, he will not be able to design a strategy to overcome this problem.

A simple feedback on time will solve the problem. If you are able to eliminate the above mentioned factor your business will not be able to successfully convert warm keys in qualified sales in huge volumes.