Wanting to save money? Don’t we all in this dreadful economy. Here are 10 tips top save money on auto insurance.

Tip #1 Safety Features

If you have a car with good safety features such as airbags you will pay less for insurance so be sure to look around when you get your next Car Insurance Quotes Colorado as it could save you money in the long run. Some of the safety features include having your VIN number etched into your windscreen and other parts of the car, a low jack or anti theft protection, and a Texas Car Insurance alarm , all of these increase your chances of finding your car if it gets stolen.

Tip #2 Keep all cars on one policy

If you combine all your cars into one policy it works out cheaper. So put that car your teenagers just got onto your policy to save money compared to buying separate policies.

Tip #3 Take the Bus

Insurance Companies base some of their fees based on how many miles you drive in a year. They figure out that the higher mileage you do in a year the more you are on the road=the more chance of a accident. This also saves you money spent on fuel.

Tip #4 Cheaper the car the better

If you own a new SUV or sports car that is valuable then that increases the chance of it getting stolen. Insurance companies will charge you higher for new cars. Also the cost to repair is higher for newer cars so that costs insurers more if you make a claim.

Tip #5 Increase your deductible

Most Insurers have a deductible which is the amount you are willing to pay if you make a claim. This then reduces how much they have to pay so by increasing it they are saving money so they charge you less.

That’s the end of this segment on saving money. Enjoy the money you have saved!

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